Unsolved Homicide - 2019

Unsolved Homicide - 2019

Victim Cameron Wilson

Fife Police detectives need your help to identify the suspect(s) responsible for the murder of Cameron Wilson.

At approximately 12:20 a.m. on Monday May 13, 2019, witnesses reported hearing a gunshot in the area of Willow Road and Pacific Highway E. in Fife.  Minutes later, the body of a deceased male was found in the parking lot of a nearby Domino’s Pizza on Pacific Highway.  The victim was identified as Cameron Wilson, a 17 year old resident of Fife and student at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way.

Cameron Wilson was seen by friends minutes before the shooting, and was reportedly planning on meeting with someone who he had an ongoing dispute with.

Detectives are looking for any information on the suspect(s) responsible for the homicide, including information on any suspicious persons or vehicles seen in the area around the time of the shooting.

Receive up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and charges filed for the person responsible in this case.
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