Unsolved Homicide - 2023

Unsolved Homicide - 2023

David Robinson

Tacoma Police detectives need your help to identify the suspect responsible for the murder of 36-year-old David Robinson.

On May 14, 2023, the victim was at a gathering at 1531 S 56th St. According to surveillance video, an unknown male walked by the victim while he was standing out by the fence gate. The unknown male and the victim exchanged words. Then, the victim walked back to the porch and the unknown male walked away eastbound.

Moments later, the victim followed the unknown male, who was walking down the sidewalk. The unknown male then shot the victim, out of camera view.

The suspect was last seen walking past 5320 S Cushman Ave.

Robinsons friends witnessed the confrontation and shooting, but are not cooperating with the investigation.

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